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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

general blog for tuesday

It seem "as if" because it is that I'm not doing much real thinking or writing these days; after all, we've had an unusual week-long heat wave here in Paradise, where the weather is supposed to be far more moderate.

For the most part I don't chronicle my day or parts thereof on a blog, but due to whatever, that's what I'm doing now. Yesterday was Labor Day, occasionally considered summer's real end, so late this morning I went to Wally World in another attempt to find a pair of refined dress pants vallejo pantsto wear during the coming cooler seasons of fall and winter. Feeling almost overcome by thirst and just having heard reports of several deaths from heat in this county, I stopped at McDonald's because they still have 42 ounce drinks for 69¢. What fun surroundings! Close to the inside of the guest area, Harvard Square-tinged Baroque/Rococo instrumental ensemble music descended from ceiling speakers, while in the other corner, Fox News was in action. The wall above my head featured seven acrylic(? - think) paintings by artist Tanja Ronniger: origami animals whale, dove, seal, elephant, hen(I think) and I'm not sure, though I made a sketch and may try to research the critter. That's only six; the 7th painting was numbered, so technically it probably qualifed as giclĂ©e. Post-drinking my diet coke I really did go to Wal*Mart, where I successfully found an affordable pair of casual dress pants that fit me now and I hope still will fit 15 or 20 pounds later (less, that is).

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