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Monday, October 16, 2006

tfbf october 2006

this far by faith october 2006

[Thursday evening]

Last Monday I tried blogging directly from Google docs with their word processing nicely called "Writely!" I have a half-dozen blogs in mind, plus the rest of a Generous Orthodoxy that initially excited me and then I all but forgot about in the excitement and intensity of finishing a final IMCP portfolio and graduating last Friday the 13th. My only complaint about Writely is the fact this blog didn't get a title, so I'll give it one now.

Next Wednesday I'm moderating the FOW discussion of our current study document, The Nature and Mission of the Church, so I need to work through "The Church in and for the World," which maybe I'll blog about on desert spirit's fire. Then I hope to get to my other ideas before they grow not only stale but moldy.
Separated and yet bound--Paul Tillich's all-so-true observation. Bound by water and word; bound above all by the cross. Separated by?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Isaiah 60:1

So far as I can figure, this is brand new—well, actually old, but I just finished editing for my portfolio:

Isaiah 60:1

Isaiah 43:11-12

Another revised version with a very different effect:

Isaiah 43:11-12