summer solstice!


Monday, January 31, 2005

Song of Church Unity

Here's a favorite from long ago:
  1. All living creatures with the same bread you sustain
         And to your Spirit's well nobody comes in vain.
    Give that we understand the language of your call,
         Uphold us by your hand; write your name on us all!

  2. To You, Word in the flesh, we shall allegiance give:
         Because you suffered death, we will forever live.
    Show all who long for life the way to where you dwell,
         Oh Son, whose sacrifice broke down the gates of hell!

  3. O Spirit, pioneer, keeper of humankind,
         We are a scattered rear, rebelliously behind.
    Abide with us and slay the powers that disunite,
         Oh Truth and Life and Way, Oh everlasting Light!
C. Michael De Vries