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Thursday, October 04, 2007

horrifying dream

despite too much caffeine, I fell asleep and took a nap, waking up a few minutes ago on Thursday, 04 October, 2007 | 4:20 PM

dream chronology:

I was at home at the PC i got in May 2002 online and working on some theology or related
i went downstairs to the on-site laundry room and started a load of laundry
when i got back upstairs there was a big round black-rimmed analog clock on the DR wall where one of my fave paintings used to be
lots of replacements on the walls (all of them okay, so far) but my favorite paintings, hangings, etc. gone!
a little while later, a brand-new, black PC with a smaller screen is there in its place
back in DR, a person (woman, i believe) covered up with a huge appliance box is making more changes
all over my dwelling-place, that finally was decorated basically in my style and taste, everything is different, though for the most part not necessarily things I don't care for
at some point i see a woman who's around may age or a little younger from Old Condo Shadows Church
I tell her the missing computer is a major disaster, more loss of my life--i had/have 3000 Word documents from the past 5+ years on it!
she is very nice, not at all condescending and tells me it's been a joint project and some of the perps will be over for dinner (i haven't even cooked anything for myself) in a few minutes
two of them then arrive at the door; i recognize one as someone i really like and always have gotten along with
i inform them they are evil and they immediately leave
i'd been doing a load of laundry in the complex's 1st floor laundry room, but for some reason need to go to an offsite retail store to do a 2nd load (or maybe the 1st load already is there)
cat sitter Jane drives me there; i try to get to the laundry room in the basement, turns out it's up one floor, and I get stuck alone in terror at the narrow staircase and turn back; jane has gone ahead of me
ages later (maybe an hour or so, meaning jane is long-gone) finally i venture outside the store and go into the laundry room through the same level
i need to phone jane for a ride home, reach in my pocket for my cell and pull out someone else's
Jane's # was stored on my cell and i have no way to phone or otherwise reach her
i enter a very large waiting van through the rear door, along with a middle- or HS girl, and go home without my laundry
home is some distance away
i call the driver "larry" - High Desert City apt. building owner and former sort of now-former boss?
at home, i go into the condo complex building, knock on a door on the opposite end and side of what has become a squarely, self-enclosed building rather than the 6-part one we now have
these days i start all my writing in GoogleDocs and finally export them to Word, but i need to get my old puter back, with almost everything I've done in the past 5+ years--that's been my life!
carolyn o'barr suddenly is there and tells me about all the new stuff in the new windows software--crazy, because she knows I want and need a new Mac
i manage to find Jane's real door; she hands me a fat looseleaf notebook of computer files printed out in light-colored ink on both sides of the paper
it turns out she's been playing RevGals Friday 5 a whole lot (and she's never ever on her puter, which by now i know must have ossified)
i need to get my 3,000+ files back
a new group of perps is there in my condo and tells me everything on my old puter was worthless, anyway
i need my own phone back, too!
Left Right in the City SP is there and tells me there's no point in being upset about my missing phone--i don't dare complain about the (truly) missing theology
everyone except Jane, the van driver, LRC SP and the anonymous girl were from Old Condo Shadows Church, but could have been from any of my churches
This is amazingly analogous to everything

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