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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Beauty of Broken Things

invitation to poetry icon

Christine introduced this Invitation to Poetry, Beauty of Broken Things, with:
I’ve been reflecting a lot on grief and brokenness lately – I think there is something beautiful in our capacity to mourn over loss, to have an instinctual longing for life, to grow from our woundedness.
By the way, Christine creatively enhanced this haunting image from Mount Rainier. mount rainier

firestorm 2007

devil winds made wildfires rage
"now it's time for the recovery," said the tv voice
is this the promised baptism of fire?
if so, surely we can trust your promise of renewal and resurrection
if so, surely we will trust your promise of life restored!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this moving poem rising out of the ashes.

Elaine (aka...Purple) said...

It certainly is appropriate, given your proximity to the fires. Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.

leah said...

thanks, PS! the combination of Christine's image and the week of devastation seemed pretty much providential; we're all getting back to real life now, i hope!