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Thursday, October 04, 2007

four things

PS tagged me for a super-fun 4 things--seems like I'm way slow in getting essentials done lately, but somehow I can find time for memes and schemes.

Four jobs I've held

line chef
recreation therapist
layout and pasteup flunky
[substitute] public school teacher

Four films I could watch over and over
Joy Luck Club
Snow Dogs
Milo & Otis
White Nights

Four TV shows I watch
local channel 10 news
national ABC network news
Brothers & Sisters
Extreme Makeover, Home Edition

Four places I've lived
Gulf Coast
Intermountain West
New England
Southern California

Four favorite foods
fajita burrito - Christmas Eve Special
prime rib and baked potato plus tossed salad
confirmation chicken
french toast

Four websites I visit every day (making this besides the obvious gmail)
Best Friends Message Forums (from Best Friends Sanctuary in Kanab, UT)

Four favorite [current] Crayola colors





Four places I would love to be right now
on the beach, any beach
spring or summer lunch time in the Central Business District--I know, a little strange, considering...
in the desert
gazing out on As the Powder Falls

Four names I love but would/could not use for my children
Like PS, I'm changing this to four cool names for pets:
Wild Child
Wild Thing

1 comment:

"PS" said...

Cool way to display your current colors. I too am a prime rib fan...cooked medium rare.

Great names for the pets too. I picked the name for my current cat, Lynx, before I knew I'd have a second cat at that time. Just thought Lynx was a cool name.

thanks for playing!