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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks Giving 2007: spices energizers cools

Hot Cup Lutheran posted a wonderful, very short list of thanks, inspiring me to do just a tad more on this list I began a few days ago and intended to get to 100! Did I ever mention that I tend to carry everything to extremes? Instead of a thankfulness essay like I blogged for T-Day 2006 (cross-posted here), or Thanksgiving 2005, this year I'm simply listing some reasons for gratitude.

| Sunday worship finally has become not optional, not only in terms of head-and-leg obedience, but in terms of my heart | Thanksgiving Dinner late this afternoon with a church "family" that seems to think I belong | fajita burritos | homestyle vanilla ice cream | beach sand | desert sands | freshly fallen powder snow | Christmas in the Sonoran Desert | Cooper Black | hugs | 5 on the floor | Pentecost | Luke-Acts | The Ocean | sacraments | liturgy | grapefruit | productive meetings | canceled meetings | Jesus | theology | fresh strawberries | fresh blackberries | blueberry muffins | French toast | grade B Vermont maple syrup | Photoshop CS3 | a splash of Americana colors | the kitchen at dawn | earthlight | sunlight | starlight | Beethoven Piano Sonatas | Ocean Pacific | Ocean Atlantic | sunrise | Reformation | Epiphany | big cats | little cats | elephants | white [sometimes gold] classic Dial soap |


"PS" (a.k.a. purple) said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

SpiritMists said...

Thanks for encouraging me today! It ended better than it started. I like your giving thanks for classic dial soap---I agree. Amen.