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Sunday, January 20, 2008

from OnlyMeSaved

I've indicated my choices this time around in bold; check out customizable letter of concern from OnlyMeSaved - Demo: Letter to a Friend

Dear Neighbor,

When I first met you, I thought you were a nice person and was not too concerned that you were a flower child. In fact, you stimulated my interest in your beliefs. I began looking into your belief system, and was soon shocked to find that you believe in multilevel marketing and that you reject plain Bible truth such as that found in Oprah 6:6:6. [I also really like the Arnold 13:22 and Atkins 3:1 options.] Further, I was stunned to find that a seemingly intelligent person could possibly believe in non-Biblical absurdities such as motivational workshops or, worse still, that you could believe in Windows 95. Anyone that adheres to such heresies is obviously not an authentic candidate. In fact, I must warn you - in the spirit of pure love - that you are toast and as such, you cannot escape auditing.

I pray that you will return to the Pepsi generation. There is still hope for you.

Just do it,
My name goes here


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

thanks for your comment at my place. i took the post down - too raw. but somehow it had to be said. it was said. and that was good. and now... we cover it up again and life goes on.

so... now that i'm aware of my own unhealthy behavior, i'll start doing some art to channel that buried stuff productively.

leah sophia said...

hi again, hot cup--thanks. maybe i've mentioned how i sometimes regret i don't blog as unfindably as maybe i should, because there's so much in my heart and in my past part of me would like to expose, but then know! i've gotten into an instant bounce-back energizer bunny kind of response to almost everything. that was somewhat oblique, but the art, your art is a great idea. maybe you can start a new blog for it? i'd love to begin a blog ring or group with my more secular design blog, that doesn't fit into the revgals categories, though once i friday 5'd over there. hugs and sweet dreams!