summer solstice!


Friday, January 18, 2008

Father of night, day, darkness away...

Off and on for the past few months, I've been Photoshopping Bob Dylan's, "Father of Night," from his New Morning album.

Father of night

Father of day

Father Who taketh the darkness away


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

the colors remind me of puzzles i did as a child. the puzzle pieces were kind of bumpy-textured and soft, flexible - probably made out of some sort of rubber? the bright oranges, yellows and blues and the shapes just echo those puzzles!

but somehow i doubt we were sining to bob dylan during 'circle-time' in preschool! (although granted it was the 70s...)

Sally said...

I love the colours you have used here- very Dylan somehow!

Singing Owl said...

Kinda 60ish in a 21st Centurey kind of way. :-)

I love the one with wheat the best.

LS, you are amazing.

Jan said...

These are amazing pictures! They make me feel very happy. Plus, I've always loved Bob Dylan.