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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

poetry party 9: watching, waiting

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invitation to poetry from Christine at Abbey of the Arts="Hearts":
...In Christian tradition this is the season of Advent, a season of waiting and watching. I invite you to write your own celebration or lament about the process of waiting and watching.

I'm accompanying my poem with a hopeful winter graphic I imagined the Sunday evening after I heard Wayne Barlow's The Winter's Passed for oboe and orchestral strings. The symphony concert program listed the title as In Winter's Past, and that's what I named my painting because I didn't discover the composer's title until later. But amazingly, when I looked for a link to the piece with search terms "winters past" Barlow, it came up niftily, and Amazon yielded a total of 8, including two with 5 stars. Here's the CD I added to my wish list.

in winters past

in winters past

aching for heaven's descent to the earth
yearning for justice to reign
a new-minted year at the end of an old
as advent blue darkens into winter solstice and
epiphany light!
world in snow bright!
then hibernate to heal.
into a cool calm blue chill.
waiting for easter dawn
new life at the end of the cold: the winter's passed!

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Abbey of the Arts said...

this is really lovely Leah, great images, the colors and imagery evoke a lot for me. Thanks for participating again!