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Saturday, December 01, 2007

new earrings!!

very gary earringsYesterday I serendipitously happened to meet up with Very Gary, a former classmate from a print media class (hey, Gary W!). An extremely skilled artisan, Gary creates jewelry and is a cabinetmaker. He was wearing an elegant earring that also happened to align precisely with my own style and my penchant for silver, so casually I asked if he had any for sale and yes, he did, and had a selection of his recent creations right in his vehicle! I love, love, love these earrings (also think I did a good job photoshopping them ;-) especially since they can be either dressy or casual and most especially because they're made by a friend and I was able to benefit his business endeavor and celebrate his creativity. Gary told me his site isn't live yet, but I'll link to it when it is, probably in early 2008.

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Hot Cup Lutheran said...

mmm... isn't it great to have such talented friends?! silver... it's the season for it no?