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Friday, March 23, 2007

Community 2

I'm blogging this without commentary--not to say this remotely is currently going in my life, but aspects of it caution me wisely regarding the not far distant future.
Stages of Community: Stage 2

Richard Rohr in Sojourners, 1980-81?

The community is imperfect.

And so is the leader, the vision, the structure, the timing, the theology, the initial call, the present situation, and the tuna casserole that was served for lunch. ...

It must come if love and light are ever to happen. ...

Stage 2 is a period of non-listening to others, to the Lord, and even to ourselves. It is a state of alienation and discouragement, in which we should never make major decisions or too quickly trust our first emotional responses.

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Karla MG said... major decisions in this stage, huh?! Sigh... Have a hug, Leah! --K