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Thursday, May 29, 2008

poetry party 19

poetry party 19

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Christine introduces this Party #19:
The photo is of course of my beloved Abbess Petunia. This is the first time she stars as the prompt for a Poetry Party. She teaches me many things, but her total abandon when it comes to rest is one of the most precious gifts she offers. I have been thinking a lot about Sabbath these days because summer is coming when my husband’s and my schedule slow quite down a bit and we make time to relish relationship, to linger, to make discoveries in the sacred space of being rather than doing. So my invitation to you for this week’s Poetry Party is to celebrate the gifts of being – what do you discover in those still spaces and holy pauses? Where are you invited to release the hold of doing and surrender to something much bigger?
Abbess PetuniaTime suspended in space, or maybe 'pause' refers to immeasurable minutes. Still but never ever static ways of just being and receptive, too...Abbess Petunia has the amazing gift of abandoning herself to the moment, in the moment, and I need the same ability to release the nearly compulsive "hold of doing." Christine mentioned Sabbath, and we read in Genesis 2:3
So God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work that he had done in creation.
a few blogs ago I quoted Carl Sandburg
...and the forgetfulness of our sleep Pumpkin Marigoldis strange and beautiful in itself—and what would you rather have than sleep?
However, the ability of someone like Petunia to rest without guilt, the talent my cats – like PumpkinMarigold in my featured pic – possess and happily own to fall asleep in a heartbeat are gifts most humanoids would welcome and could use, but what I'd "rather have than sleep" would be even more precious than restful, dream-filled sleep: it's the *where* of place and the *who* of people safe enough for me to dare abandon my worries, fears and anxieties, whether I'm waking, sleeping or inbetween.

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lovely words leah, thanks so much for the contribution!