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Friday, April 04, 2008

revelation 5

For today's rev gals' Revelation Friday 5, Sally begins:
With this Sunday's gospel reading in mind, that wonderful revelation of Christ to the companions on the Emmaus road. I wonder where you might have been surprised by God's revelation recently. So with no further waffle I offer you this weeks Friday 5:
How has God revealed him/herself to you in a:

1. Book - none in particular, at least recently.

2. Film - none, actually; I rarely watch films unless forced to do so, though I've almost decided to begin attending the monthly Theological Theatre film with discussion at a nearby church.

3. Song - the beauty, elegance and poignancy of Phil Collins' "Everyday"

4. Another person - more a group of people that includes myself: the Sunday bible study group I've often met with and frequently taught over these past few years has revealed where I am continues to be part of God's current call to me at the same time I've realized my extreme patience with a couple of people in the group I'd call plenary inspirationists has been paying off, as they're beginning to realize a critical reading of scripture threatens no one, least of all God.

5. Creation - the desert again! my recent trip to Tucson...

Today I'll pass on the bonus in the interest of getting this posted, but Sally's question, "share something encouraging/ amazing/ humbling that has happened to you recently!" would make a great separate blog for another time, maybe next week or so.


Wyldth1ng said...

Try watching "What a Wonderful" it is an older movie from the 80s, but if God doesn't speak to you in it, I must be a fry cook.

Sally said...

I love Phil Collins too, excellent play :-)

RevAnne said...

Love Phil Collins, would love to see the desert (maybe after I'm done with school). Great play, thanks!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

phil is relaxing isn't he? and i'll look forward to that separate blog piece too...

Jayne said...

The film group sounds awesome! I wish I had something like that around here.