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Friday, April 18, 2008

24 hour 5

24 hours friday 5

RevHRod introduces this great topic by saying:
Yesterday I had the 24 hour flu. I had been told by the people who had it first that it really was a twenty-four hour bug. And so while I dealt with all the blech of the flu, I kept reminding myself that morning would come and I would feel a lot better.

This is certainly a strange way to start out a Friday Five but it made me think about what I might like to do if I knew it would only last for 24 hours. There are no reality boundaries to these imaginings. So here are the five things for you to consider...
1. my chosen appearance change isn't all that dramatic! I'll be about 3 inches taller, about the same weight (meaning I'd look thinner, of course), and about 20 years younger...dreaming on into eternity...

2. for 24 hours I'll live on almost any caribbean island, dressing the part, acting the part and especially feasting on the food in those parts.

3. for someone else's job I'll be head chef for a high-end (maybe the highest-end) restaurant in the above-mentioned isle of the caribbean.

4. my quick spending a day choices are either martin and katie luther or johann sebastian bach.

5. for a magical power I'd definitely choose bilocation, though I'm not sure if that's technically magical or spiritual. on 2nd thought, how does trilocation sound?


Muthah+ said...

I don't think I would want to spend too much time with Martin--Katie, perhaps. Wonder what he would have been like in bed. Ain't I awful?!

Certified Healing Coach said...

What's bilocation?

I assumed it was being in two places at the same time until you said it was spiritual, so now I'm wondering.

I think it would be interesting to be a chef, especially if you could retain your knowledge of how to cook gourmet meals even when the 24 hours was over.

RevAnne said...

Caribbean's the place for me, too!

Wyldth1ng said...


RevHRod said...

Interesting choices! Thanks for playing!