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Friday, February 22, 2008

heavenly F5

revgals heavenly Friday 5

Singing Owl suggests, " about we share five "heavenly" things? These can me serious or funny or a combination of the two."

What is your idea of a heavenly (i.e. wonderful and perfect):

1. Family get-together

I still long for the summer midweek church potluck-bbq's we used to have at the beach. So far as family of origin goes, I don't and won't go there.

2. Song or musical piece

For listening: Beethoven Symphonies #1, 2, 4 and 7; for playing, a Beethoven piano sonata or a Chopin Fantasy, Scherzo or be more specific, lately I've been watching and listening to Cherish by Kool and the Gang - with the video from Cherry Grove Beach SC, all of a couple decades ago.

flower fantasy winter 2008 023. Gift

Friendship, time, meaningful, engrossing work and savory food.

4. You choose whatever you like-food, pair of shoes, vacation, house, or something else. Just tell us what it is and what a heavenly version of it would be.

House: a few steps from the beach, a 10-minute walk from work, a 10-minute drive into the nearest big city.

5. And for a serious moment, or what would you like your entrance into the next life to be like? What, from your vantage point now, would make Heaven "heavenly?"

A really real homecoming, with everyone recognizing me and a banquet ready to celebrate with the too many friends who've gone out of my life.


Elaine (aka...Purple) said...

Loved your music response as well as the family response.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

amen sister! amen!!!

i knew you'd have great music recommendations...

and hey how are you? been prayin'... and hope your lenten journey has been good... that there is at least a hope of an oasis in the wilderness for you.

Sally said...

yup, I love that house location, can iy also be 10 mins from the country?

Diane M. Roth said...

I like number five -- I know I've lost track of people too, and what a time to see each other again!