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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Friday 5, option 2

Choose One Option Friday 5 today

Was ReverendMother ever early this week—and so were five other bloggers! I'd gone to RGBP's to look at the pic of the Big Meetup again and discovered F5 posted on Thursday evening, my time. I didn't even read the first option—for something Harry Potter; I'm never ever even cracked the cover or held a HP book in my hands, so I get to go with...

Option 2: Please Mommy, Anything But Those Blankety-Blank Books!

And we do mean anything:

1. Former U.S. First Lady "Lady Bird" Johnson died this week. In honor of her love of the land and the environment, share your favorite flower or wildflower.

Save me from having to choose just one! Ok, for now try this proud, confident, soaring group of daffodils (chosen because I could find the image fast in my photobucket account), or almost any yellow flower, for that matter.

2. A man flew almost 200 miles in a lawn chair, held aloft by helium balloons. Share something zany you'd like to try someday.

Despite loving the thrill of the chase and despite my almost endless willingness to take psychological risks because of my passion for reconciliation, I almost never take any semblance of a physical risk, so it wouldn't ever be chair-floating. I can't think of anything truly zany, but given the way I crave an audience, I'd like to put on a fantastic costume and stage makeup and dance and sing in public as someone other than myself! Right now I'm listening to "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from the The Lion King. How about it?

3. Do you have an iPhone? If not, would you want one?

Not yet, though as a graphically iMacDesigning person I might like one, if I knew I'd be able to read the text on the screen! But then again, I usually slip my candy-bar size cell into a pocket, where it takes very little space and I can feel it ring. But then yet again, maybe not, since I use both land line and cell phones mainly for essential communication and would far rather talk FTF and have a viewable-sized screen for emailing, etc. Awakening back to real life, right now I need to spend whatever $$$$ I can find on a copy of Adobe's CS3 Creative Suit software. Final answer: no, I do not want and would not want an iPhone! ...but have been known to change my mind more than once...

4. Speaking of which, Blendtec Blenders put an iPhone in one of their super-duper blenders as part of their "Will It Blend?" series. What would YOU like to see ground up, whizzed up or otherwise pulverized in a blender?

Do I need to avoid political commentary when I play Friday Five?

5. According to News of the Weird, a jury in Weld County, Colo., declined to hold Kathleen Ensz accountable for leaving a flier containing her dog's droppings on the doorstep of U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, apparently agreeing with Ensz that she was merely exercising free speech. What do you think? Is doggy doo-doo protected by the First Amendment?

I'll concede that the First Amendment probably covers Ms. Ensz's tasteless behavior, and though history has demonstrated how legislation can and does change people's hearts and livestyles, such trivial, vulgar, childishness was hardly worth whatever total costs were involved.


Sally said...

Great play - love #2 singing along with you whilst admiring your stunning performance!!!

Mary Beth said...

REally. Why was the poo worth the poop it caused?!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

Hmmm... which political candidate would you be putting in that blender? or maybe that Ensz woman & her pile of poop?

oh...yucky! So think of yellow flowers instead - I have day lillies outside the window & they are a much prettier thought to part on!

Diane M. Roth said...

hmmm. I'll just say, daylilies... are also wonderful