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Monday, July 02, 2007

5 Things about Jesus

On Walking Wet mamaS blogged this famous meme and didn't tag anyone since she imagined almost everyone had played; however, no one ever tagged me (sob, sigh), so in the interest of getting a little blog fodder while at the same time avoiding things I need to be doing, I present my 5 Things about Jesus:

1. Jesus loves and cares for me as an individual, but his passion for all creation confirms the authenticity and sustainability of his gracious love for me.

2. He "gets" rejection, betrayal, abandonment, outsiderness and alienation, making him the only human who doesn't minimize and discredit my own experiences of rejection, etc.

3. He so trusts in my abilities and gifts, he calls me to co-minister with him and doesn't care that I never finished the MDiv; in fact, until recently he'd never even heard of an MDiv!

4. He doesn't care if someone's formal theology is Lutheran, Reformed, Arminian, Wesleyan, LDS or formally Non-Existent--the only details he cares about are their willingness to trust and follow him! BTW, he doesn't care about your (or my) polity, either...

5. He's not so much into that religious stuff as he is into every aspect and concern and need of all creation.

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Mother Laura said...

Oh, very nice, Leah. I love this meme, and am glad you decided to tag yourself.