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Monday, February 26, 2007

Immersion, Submersion

The Roman Catholics announced they'd be installing an immersion font; the report said the announcement had made some people nervous. The Powers That Be explained, "Oh, you're thinking of Baptists and Mormons--they baptize by submersion; this is going to be immersion."

Someone said something to me about acquiring a Theology of the Other; my distressed reply needs to be "Theology of the other is the very last thing I need! I have submerged myself in the other to the point of drowning, of losing myself completely, while Jesus calls us to immerse ourselves in the other, so an authentic I and a real thou emerge from that immersing."

Covenant! Baptismal paradigm? Probably!

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Karla MG said...

Interesting thoughts...especially as I prepare for my Immersion experience, and as I read "Lifegiving" and think about how lost I've become in the world's placement of "the other," not God's... my brain's still weaving connections, Leah! --K