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Thursday, June 04, 2009

poetry party 35: light and shadow

poetry party 36

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comment: this actually is Christine's poetry party 36; my numbering was incorrect because I'd forgotten I hadn't played last time.

Abbey of the Arts Invitation to Poetry: poetry party 36

Christine asks us to consider, "In the brilliant light of days growing longer, what do we encounter in the shadows that may have been hidden to us before? What do you discover in the interplay between shadow and light?"

lights, brights, shadows, opaques...

as an artist
every day I consider degrees of
opacity transparency
shimmers of revelation
to include in each design project
80% opacity or
20% transparency
and which colors to use

as a person
every day I consider
degrees of transparency and opacity
to present to the world
80% opacity or 20% translucence
a colorless hint of an outline of a self-revealing

but sometimes grace intervenes
spirits away the shadows
and I show far more
than intended
and the end result is just fine


Abbey of the Arts said...

I love the repeated image here of "degrees of transparency and opacity" and the invitation they offer to us. Thank you for your lovely offering Leah!

Beth P. said...

bet it's better than fine!

great poem! and thanks so much for stopping by the Virtual Tea House and leaving a footprint!

I'll be back here...this looks fun!