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Friday, May 08, 2009

bug life 5

a bug's life friday 5 on the RevGals site

everyone knows about timeliness and timelessness, and Sophia introduces today's 5 by recollecting:
As I was walking the beach today, I was surprised and delighted to find it swarming with ladybugs. The sweet little red beetles are one of my favorite insects and also my daughter's blogname...In that spirit, this week's Friday Five is a magical mystery tour through God's garden of creepy crawlies!
Here's my almost insta-play for today:

ladybug1. I'm not sure if I use any particular regional terminology, but I was born in the Deep South and essentially grew up in New England with grandparents raised in Michigan and Mississippi, who often referred to farms they'd had in Nebraska and North Carolina, so lately I've been wondering how on earth they got to New England. Therefore, Ladybugs and Pillbugs and this is the first time I've heard about Jesus bugs or water skeeters.
2. spiders I can't peacefully co-exist with get transported outside.
3. butterflies and ladybugs and dragonflies are my favorite insects for today.
4. least favorite? none...ummm...better make that "cockroaches." My grandmother clearly let me know about the complex and essential interrelatedness and interdependence of all creation.
5. good bug stories and anecdotes! For starters, today I'm wearing ladybug earrings. Also, although I last saw my apparently recently-deceased biological father when I was about 5, he had a PhD in entomology and worked as an entomologist for the US Forest Service. My aforementioned grandmother, one of the more curious, knowledgeable and well-informed people I've ever known was 8th grade educated but frequently said she would have become an entomologist if she'd had an opportunity to continue her education. My final vignette is bitter memories of the gorgeous, complex bug project I worked so hard on in HS biology and that the teacher insisted on holding on to almost forever. She refused to return anyone's project, but told us if we came back to visit in 10 years or so she might give them back.

I think that response also qualifies for an answer to the Bonus question: share a poem, song, quotation, etc. about insects.


MaineCelt said...

A family tendency toward entomology? It gives a whole new meaning to the idea that "God is in the details..."

One of my high school classmates went on to become an expert on Amazonian spiders. I find spiders interesting and sometimes beautiful, but gosh...I'm kind of glad I decided not to date the guy!

Barbara B. said...

The ladybug earrings sound cute!

The high school biology teacher sounds rude -- what was the point of hanging on to the projects?!

Jane said...

My brother in law still goes on professional bug collecting trips to Turkey and other places - he bought a carpet there for his future wife on one trip!
Bugs can be fun -thanks for reminding us!

Sophia said...

Your grandmother sounds extremely cool. I also honor your nonviolent approach to coexisting with spiders.

mompriest said...

Very odd behavior, that teacher...

dache said...

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