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Friday, January 09, 2009

poetry party 29

abbey of the arts: epiphanies!

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Christine suggests: poetry party 29What if this year one of your resolutions was to create enough space for epiphanies to happen? What if you made a commitment to slow down enough to see the shimmering web of connections that exists everywhere, just waiting for us to notice? I invite you to write a poem this week in celebration of epiphanies, of new beginnings, of new ways of seeing. You can write directly from the image below, which was taken on a very foggy morning in Seattle, or let it simply allow intuitive connections to stir.

today I'm prosaically thinking of possibilities

We hear about the power of all kinds of webs and networks; for instance, maybe I can't put out my hand and touch you directly but I can touch my neighbor who in turn can reach and touch ripples from the stone thrown into still water, life begets life begets life. But in business, creative and professional worlds sometimes it looks as if the higher on the food chain consume and kill those lower ones rather than touching and healing them.

The world wide web has become part of everyday, an inter-net intertwining countless lives, birthing new named communities amidst pervasive anonymity and alienation. How many once strangers have become friends? What ideas have we exchanged? What dreams have we helped each other recognize and grow?

Holding a web close to my face I can focus on a discrete part of a whole. Viewing through the net at arm's length I clearly see separate facets containing countless variation within its own bounded yet interconnected space.

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Abbey of the Arts said...

Thanks for these moving thoughts Leah, I love that you amplified the vision of what a web can mean.