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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

poetry party 25

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Poetry Party 25: celebrating the gift of the written word

Introducing this week's Poetry Party, Christine says,
The photos below taken this past summer in the library at Melk Benedictine Abbey in Austria...From their website: "In the order of importance of the rooms in a Benedictine monastery, the library comes second only to the church"–another reason I love the monastic tradition! This week’s theme is simple, I invite you to write a poem celebrating the gift of the written word in your life.
Rather than attempting a formal poem about the suggested "written word" topic (it would fill at least one book), I'll thank Christine for the images, inspirations and friendly support. It's rare that I don't start a poem or reflection or retrieve one of my own graphic designs for the party, though only a little more than half of what I begin is ready to post by Friday. poetry party 25Nonetheless, the Poetry Parties have helped me remember past places, persons and events, ponder this present now and dream of a somewhere future in healthy, non-obsessive ways. This has been a sparse blogging year in terms of formal theology and of writing more directly about my own stuff, but uncharacteristically I've been allowing myself an amazing number of naps! Many of those slumbers have featured long, interesting dreams that have recast experiences from my past into where I am now and have helped me finally start sorting through ways to express my ongoing sense of call to serve world, church and creation in ways related to my gifts, passions and education. Thanks, Christine!!!


Ted Marshall said...

I really enjoyed what you said here about the Poetry Parties. I love them too.
I love that you've been allowing yourself those long slumbers. Clearly needed.

Anonymous said...

You are most welcome Leah! And thank you, the parties only work because of the people who are willing to bring their poetic gifts. Blessings to you, Christine