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Monday, September 22, 2008

poetry party 24

To introduce Abbey of the Arts poetry party: equinox edition Christine observes, "Today is the autumnal equinox, a time when the sun rests above the equator and day and night are divided equally. It heralds in a season filled with change and the brilliant beauty of death. I invite you to write your own ode to autumn. What are the gifts, challenges, and invitations for you in the days ahead?"

invitation to poetry icon

[...BLUEBERRIES!!! was my first thought about Christine's pic...great colors and contrast!]

starting out with equal parts
day and night
with leaves falling
colors richening
and differently scented air
autumn eases into cooler longer nights
for better dreaming

creation winters in sleep
until on the other side
spring bursts open
splendid in resurrection liberty
reborn in greater wisdom
and overflowing depth

so instead of sadness
over another sorrowful summer
I'm ready to welcome
a season of settled quiet
and excited to anticipate
next summer's festivities!

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Anonymous said...

Leah, thanks for your offering to the Poetry Party! I love your imagery, especially the season for better dreaming and "a season of settled quiet". Blessings to you, Christine