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Friday, September 12, 2008

back to school 5

back to school friday 5 on the revgals site

Mother Laura lines out this week's 5:

1. No one in this house is going back to school this year.

2. Until a couple of really good HS teachers (I also had a couple of fine art teachers in elementary school), I was close to indifferent about school in general, but at least I didn't detest it, so when some good teachers and interesting subjects showed up, I was rarin' to go. But I always enjoyed getting a few new clothes for back to school and I always was particularly interested in that season's special colors (styles, too), though I hated the end of warm summer weather.

3. No historical rituals for the Autumn New Year. And now? My last really formal educational course of study was design school a few years ago, but we began in January and attended classes 25 hours a week for 9 months until mid-October, making it an interesting back-to school time, since it wasn't exactly a 2nd semester beginning. I enjoy putting away summer clothes and getting out the ones I wear only in the cooler weather, but that's about the extent of any fall ritual.

4. My answer to (2) about new fall colors and styles works for this one, too.

5. My best year of school...depends...but getting a 2nd undergrad degree probably was the most exciting time in school because I was old enough to be highly intentional enough about getting a solid background in the social and behavioral sciences in order to be well-prepared for seminary.

Thanks, Laura! I was delighted to find F5 online in time to post before going to bed. I haven't been blogging at all, so I very much appreciate having a ritual way to stay connected with Friday 5, which I almost never miss.


Certified Healing Coach said...

I also enjoy putting away the summer clothes and getting out the fall ones. Fall, really, is my favorite season, second only to Christmas!

I bought a couple of new sweaters for fall and they are hanging-in-wait. I'm already excited about wearing them and it's not even cold yet :).

EmJayDee said...

I agree that teachers (and relationships) are akey to education

Sally said...

teachers and relationships are so important, I can talk about both good and bad experiences .. for putting away summer clothes ...summer seems to have passed us by this year...

Jan said...

It's nice to think of having summer and fall clothes. However, we have NO fall in south TX--summer just continues.

Mother Laura said...

Many blessings on your fall, dear Leah.