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Friday, August 22, 2008

dates 5

5 about dates on the RevGals site

from Songbird:

1) I track my appointments and parts of my schedule with an analog week-at-a-glance book; for the past 7 years I've used the exact same kind, with different covers (some years).

2) The last time I forgot an important date...well, actually, never! Really!

3) Having been single again for quite a while, I haven't gone on a formal date with a (single) guy for about 5 years now, for whatever reason.

4) Oh, I love vintage clothing...a couple of my favorites are my two cotton (one is lawn, the other a heavier-weight woven fabric) full, floral-print, flowing, lace-trimmed Jessica's Gunnies skirts from the early 1980''s.. I've also quite recently bought new a couple of skirts that look as if they're from that era, and I know the style is back now and I also realize almost anything goes these days, but you know! After an African-American tradition I always wear a single silver bangle bracelet as a baptismal symbol (given that I'm too much of a Calvinist to wear a cross), and despite the fact bangles also are a current trend and easy to find these days, I've received a few comments about their vintage-ness.

5) I love the Fruit known as Dates, and have an absolutely wonderful recipe for date bread (I don't llike to add nuts) made with a cup of strong brewed coffee. I'll try to find and post the recipe later.


RevDr Laura Marie Grimes said...

A baptismal bracelet, Leah--how very cool. And oh how I loved those prairie skirts back in the day.

Annie's Mom said...

Do post that recipe; it sounds lovely!

Unknown said...

Oh, prairie clothes! They were pretty.

revkjarla said...

oh I loved gunne sax dresses...I had a few in high school--they are VINTAGE now???

Mavis said...

I love the bracelet idea. And your skirts sound wonderful. How well organised you are to never forget an important date!

RevDrKate said...

Scary that the stuff we thought was au courant is now vintage!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

i'm fascinated by the silver bangle tradition... is there a chance you'd share more about it?

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