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Thursday, August 28, 2008

poetry party 22: music

Abbey of the Arts Poetry Party 22: "there will be music despite everything"

invitation to poetry icon

Introducing the topic, Christine tells us,

The title from this post is a line from Jack Gilbert's beautiful poem "A Brief for the Defense"...This line came back to my memory poetry party 22while in Vienna when we saw this street musician performing on the Graben, one of the city's pedestrian zones. The cello is by far my favorite instrument and while standing there on a perfect summer evening and watching him play I thought of my father who loved music so much and wondered if, when he was young, the sounds of his favorite Austrian composers got him through the terrible years of the war.

then Christine asks, What do Gilbert's words and the mosaic of images evoke for you?

my response...

how can there not be music?
as heaven formed earth, morning stars sang together
no music?
earth and heaven declare thy praise!
there will be music?
long ago the drawing table awakened my heart
color and line, shape and pattern still revive my spirit
but equally
the roar of waves
winds through branches
subterranean chatter of the desert floor
the profound moan of hurricanes
birdsongs intertwined with melodies from stone-etching streams
the cascading splash of baptism's waters
beethoven symphonies at the speed of full orchestra
breaking and pouring of eucharist's grace
birthed and continue re-borning me
there will be music?
but how can there not be music?


Abbey of the Arts said...

gorgeous language and imagery here! thanks for your lovely contribution to the Party!

Andy said...

Leah, thank you for your lovely poem.

Your line 'birdsongs intertwined with melodies from stone-etching streams' reminds me of a Scottish glen I was staying in recently. Thank you for that.

God Bless