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Friday, July 25, 2008

travelin' gear 5

RevGals can't leave home without 5

Singing Owl asks,"what are the five things you simply must have when you are away from home? And why? Any history or goofy things, or stories?"

Here's my quick list in clumps that explain themselves:

road trip1. wide-ruled spiral notebook; ballpoint pen supply; 9"x12" sketchbook; drawing pencils and markers; some kind of book for random notes and journaling

2. bandanna, hairties, scrunchies, hairclips and barrettes—in the desert or by the sea, a wind might be blowin'

3. iPod loaded with fave music; a few sheets of music manuscript paper in case I hear a song I need to remember

4. sufficient clothes for sufficient warmth and at least one fairly dressy outfit just in case...

5. binoculars, camera, extra sunglasses, extra contact lenses and prescription sunglasses