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Friday, March 07, 2008

springing hope 5

sings of hope, signs of spring Friday 5 from the RevGals

I love this F5 from Sally!

What have you seen/ heard this week that was a:

Hibiscus solo1. One of my favorite signs of hope is seeing the very first spring green plant shoots making their way into the world after the slow and cold of winter, and in the wake of getting sufficient precipitation this rainy season, I've been seeing those signs a-plenty.

2. An unexpected word of light in a dark place came from Linda, a neighbor who recently moved back into the condo unit she'd previously rented. I've been aching for friendship and she offered to help me paint the rest of my condo when she finished painting hers. The times I've made offers and overtures to people that've been refused, often rudely, and now someone has reached out to me!

3. Similar to my answer to #1, the Anza-Borrego desert in full bloom right now at this very moment is the sign of spring in this part of the world. Each year is different, depending on rainfall amounts, but the desert resplendently in bloom always is such a powerful theological statement, reminding me as an individual and remembering the Church the identity-forming events in our lives.

4. For both challenging and surprising I'll mention the way my own life has not yet rewoven and regenerated to any kind of minimally acceptable degree as I knew it would. Each morning I struggle to remember God's faithfulness, yet the memories hold as I stay grounded in Scripture and participate in the Church's liturgy and sacraments and continue in the life of service Jesus has called me to.

5. the persistent realization that the world lives in the Pentecostal Reign of the Spirit remains major hope for the coming week/month/year for all of us.
Beethoven's Symphony No. 4, although I could have listed a few dozen songs or hymns or a lot of other Beethoven masterpieces.


Hot Cup Lutheran said...

happy for you linda is there! #4 saddens me some, but gives hope too... it takes a long time for the threads God gives us to be woven together... sometimes we piddle around too long looking at all the colors, sometimes we forget how to thread the damn needle and get started... and sometimes God just wants us to wait for the work of art that will certainly be forthcoming. all i can say - is you wait not alone.

Certified Healing Coach said...

Saddens me, too!

Hope you'll soon start noticing some delightful shifts.

Karla MG said...

(((HUGS))) my dear sister! Love your beautiful pink flower, it's so bright and springy and inspiring! No green here yet, spare the St. Pat's decor that's going up. However, hope springs eternal as I recollect on an image I wished I had my camera for on Saturday: there was a big fat, fluffy robin sitting on a branch not far from my home! It's the first one I've seen. It's really late for the scouts to just be arriving, so you know we've had a HARD winter! Several have commented on the lack of robins...normally we start seeing scouts come in early February, and by the end of March, most have migrated back! Hope this week is filled with gentle peace and reassurance for you dear one!