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Monday, August 20, 2007

on Monday

Non-design, non-Friday Five post:

Next Monday we'll have another RevGalBookPals thread--Anne Lamott's Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith. I read close to half the book yesterday, and in some ways it has been very good and even helpful so far (reserving more comments and opinions until next week, so I can blog something substantial on desert spirit's fire). Today has been another moonday, all day. I'm still thinking and trying to feel some, as well as considering changes, like moving East, for example.

This noontime I went down the hill to Pacific Beach so Linda could re-fashion my hair with basic color plus 40+ foil highlight wraps, 1" trim, and of course she waxed my eyebrows, though not as extremely as last time. I also found another Veer mini-catalog--"A Field Guide to People"--in my mailbox and I've figured out more details of what I'll be doing for my 3rd entry for St. Mark's UMC's digital liturgical graphics competition and exhibtion!

Tomorrow I need to go to the Linda Vista Church to practice for next Sunday's guest organ/piano gig, since they're there in the office only MTW (that guy has been PT Stated Supply forever)--one other time they gave me a key, but I prefer to constrain my practice by only doing it when someone else can let me in; Wednesday noon is "our" monthly FaithOrderWitness meeting and Wednesday evening Old Condo Shadows' choir/music program party I got invited to.

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