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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'd rather be

I got this great blog idea from another RevGal, Deb, on
Another unfinished symphony.

I'd rather be...but first, at the moment I'm in the Mac lab where I've been since 7:00 trying to work on some design stuff and realizing I need to leave at break time, 9:30, because at least two of my other lives are beckoning me big-time.

I'd Rather Be:

1. At home painting or refinishing another piece of furniture. I am so proud of myself, because late yesterday afternoon - the MLK holiday - I spontaneously decided to paint the old 3-shelf, probably handmade bookcase that had been in my grandparents' house. It was the only thing remaining that really needed painting, and I used the lavender paint left over from the guest bedroom accessories. (Guest BR now has 2 pale blue walls and 2 pale green.) This bookcase is in the LR, which I've designated as my desert-garden-beach/seashore room, and the lavender picks up on one of the colors in the picture handing above it. About refinishing, I need to do the dresser in my bedroom and the low, long coffee table in the living room; both of those are from my grandparents' house, too. They contracted with someone to make the table from the rosewood top of the old square piano that was in the house when they bought it.

2. Working out more style on "Hymn to Freedom," which I'll be playing on the piano during Sunday worship during February for Black History month.

3. Having a tasty, savory lunch or breakfast or dinner with a friend while yackin' away about my life and listening about theirs.

3. Cuddling with a Cat.

That has to be my list for now; maybe I'll make another one later.

PS in the evening: this isn't another list, but an addition: the all-lavender bookcase turned out to be all-too-lavender, so I'm color blocking it with light green left over from the guest BR.

PPS The text colors I used don't match the paint colors, but I wanted something approximate that would show up on the blog page.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Leah!
I'd rather be sittin' w/ you, yacking about my life and listenin' to you too ;) Sounds good. Hey girl, we gotta get you some new Pampered Chef... you're never gonna believe this: the new spring colors are lilac and artichoke!!! Light lavendar and pale seafoam green were also my M&D's wedding colors. I'll bet your shelves look lovely...way to go girl!!! :D --Karla