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Friday, February 03, 2006

photo retouching and colorizing: Harwich House

Wednesday I turned in my second major project; these notes are from my Artist's Statement.

194 Church Street, Harwich, Massachusetts

Image source: for this assignment I chose a black and white photograph of the house my grandparents first owned and later lived in at 194 Church Street in Harwich, on the vacation peninsula of Cape Cod, Massachusetts; they probably took this shot shortly after buying the property in the early 1950s. Clapboard siding and shake shingle roofs characterize most New England farm-style houses built on the Cape during the mid-to late 19th century.

Over the past few years I've scrapbooked many of the better snapshots of this house, but this one was in close to disreputable condition, making it a great candidate for repairing and colorizing!

Hoped-for outcome and rationale: because I have pictures taken after my grandparents made repairs, improvements and additions to both house and yard, I planned the colorizing to reveal what the house would have looked like when they first bought the property, before starting renovations and transformations.

Regarding the hues: always trying to avoid the temptation to imagine this project was supposed to look like a color photograph, I took some freedom with the color. I made the siding on the house creamy white, although an almost chalky white tends to be more typical of houses of that period in that geographical area. In addition, I aimed for pleasing (to me) interactivity among the roof, grass and sky colors. The original roof probably was green, but it might have been gray or brown.

original scan

Harwich House

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