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Monday, February 13, 2006

City Delights, or "Delightful City"

In the current Print Module we've started Adobe Illustrator; providentially, I'd learned some of the program last summer and did a little more in late fall, so it's not totally obscure. For the first part of this small, 20-point project, we had to trace shapes with the [scary?!] pen tool; the second phase, the one we turned in for grades, was to use the shapes to create a picture of anything but a beach scene. The shapes – which we could break apart into their separate components – were umbrella, cloud, waves, sailboat, palm tree, seashell and delivery truck. After I finished tracing, I spent a ton of time working with fills, lines, gradients, transforms and stacking orders. Then, when time got short, I designed an energetic, optimistic, happy urban paradise.

City Delights

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