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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Stewed Tomato

Because I wrote this for an online site, this restaurant review is shorter and less detailed than the others. Terrific restaurant; I am so looking forward to going back there—soon, I trust!
Stewed Tomato is a cool restaurant in the once-seafaring, now tourist and residential town of Harwich on Cape Cod. The town was settled around 1665, named after Harwich, England, and incorporated in 1694; currently Harwich Center is one of the Seven Harwiches.

Stewed Tomato Review

Though it's been several years since I was there, the Stewed Tomato at 707 Main Street in Harwich Center is one of my fondest memories and one of the prospective experiences I anticipate with the most yearning and the greatest longing. As a little kid I visited Harwich all the time—my grandparents owned a house with gardens on Church Street near Bay Road, eight furlongs from Pleasant Bay Beach. A few years ago, when I returned to the Cape after some time away, my friend Heather introduced Stewed Tomato and me to each other and I fell in love: in love with the food – especially the breakfasts – and, of course, in love with the matchless ambience! I highly recommend Stewed Tomato for breakfast, lunch, dinner and whenever.

Most recommended: Kitchen Sink Omelet; coffee.

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