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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

poetry party 33

Abbey of the Arts Poetry Party 33

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Christine observes,
...We celebrate Easter for a full 50 days, days that slowly grow longer in the Northern hemisphere and more vibrant as the blossoming of the world unfolds around us. ... I invite you to write a poem (or other form of reflection) about what your practices of resurrected life might look like. How would it feel to really embody resurrected life in your own being? If you made a commitment for the Easter season to complement your Lenten commitment, where is the invitation you discover?
poetry party 33practicing resurrection
living "as if" it is Easter
being and basking
in the subtle sheen of
early Easter dawn
that always surprises

but this is Easter
this is Pentecost
this is the reign of the Spirit of Life!

Christ has died;
Christ is Risen;
Christ will come again.

how do we forget so quickly and easily?
how do we keep living "as if?"
how do we follow the Risen One?

remember the witness of scripture...
"while it was still dark, the stone was rolled away!"

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Abbey of the Arts said...

thanks Leah for this lovely offering, I am especially moved by those questions you pose today.