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Friday, May 11, 2007

Potato, Po-tah-to Friday Five

F5 Potato, Po-tah-to Edition.

Oh, wow. apparently ReverendMother posted Friday 5 early again...but I'm playing at my usual not at all early time.

RM blogged,
I am out all day Friday, so I beg your indulgence once again as I post an early Friday Five. Don't miss the absolutely marvelous Ask the Matriarch below—color coded, no less!

There are two types of people in the world, morning people and night owls. Or Red Sox fans and Yankees fans. Or boxers and briefs. Or people who divide the world into two types of people and those who don't. Let your preferences be known here. And if you're feeling verbose, defend your choices!
1. Mac? (woo-hoo!) or PC? (boo!)
Why yes, the Friday Five author reserves the right to editorialize!

Longish answer here, in order to defend myself. During the olden days of the last century, I alternated between learning WordPerfect on the church computer and working on some graphic design in Claris Works plus a little RageMaker in mostly self-paced classes at the local middle school. Since I was born creative, getting a Mac seemed the logical choice when I was buying my first very computer. However, that Blueberry (or was it Tease of Teal? Bach Blue, maybe?) original iMac drove me insane with its incessant crashes and freezes, not to mention I could not figure out a way to email word processing documents, since even rtf proved impossible to open at the recipient's end. Oh, and forget about buying anything or doing any kind of financial transaction online. Therefore, exactly five years ago I enlisted an acquaintance to put together a PC for me. So true that graphic artist probably still remained my central identity, but my then I needed a way reliably to type sermons, bible studies and related. Let me tell y'all, when I got that PC I was so excited to have a computer that actually worked! Two months later I ventured into the emerging blogosphere, launching desert spirit's fire!, which currently totals about 1,000 pages and has spawned two other basically theology blogs: my this far by faith and ...urban wilderness.... In addition, I started quite a few additional blogs, due to the charmed existence of living with a computer that worked. Okay, but my artist/design passions persisted and with approximately 3,000 Word documents my PC seriously started seriously slowing down. Seriously. Now that I've completed a year-long professional graphic design program and acquired a degree of proficiency in Adobe's Creative Suite (as well as some other design applications), I'm anticipating acquiring a Mac Laptop some time during the upcoming summer. Short answer? Both.

2. Pizza: Chicago style luscious hearty goodness, or New York floppy and flaccid?

The original Regina Pizza/Pizzeria Regina in Boston's North End. I know Regina has become a chain, and I haven't tried any of the links, but I'll still I insist on the original with the neighborhood atmosphere, etc. For non-Regina pizza, I love it chock full of veggies, and at least a hint of every other pizza ingredient except pineapple and little fishies. Hey, pineapple is wonderful in the correct context and anchovies are great in Caesar Salad Dressing, but neither belongs on a pizza!

3. Brownies/fudge containing nuts:
a) Good. I like the variation in texture.
b) An abomination unto the Lord. The nuts take up valuable chocolate space. [or a response of your choosing]

No brownies for me, thanks, but in general I love the taste of most nuts but including them in savories or sweets wrecks the texture. Fudge is the real abomination unto me, though I imagine The Lord probably considers it a gift of creation. I don't—not a Candy Fan at all.

4. Do you hang your toilet paper so that the "tail" hangs flush with the wall, or over the top of the roll like normal people do?

In the guest bathroom, over the top; in the other bathroom, the other way, since that roll hangs down over the litter box and doing it the *right* way would encourage (read: would force the cats to unroll it.

5. Toothpaste: Do you squeeze the tube wantonly in the middle, or squeeze from the bottom and flatten as you go just like the tube instructs?

I squeeze it randomly from the middle until the tube gets too flat and no longer comes out that way; then I begin unrolling it from the end.

Bonus: Share your favorite either/or.

Red Sox or Yankees: RED SOX NATION!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Cheers from another Red Sox fan. And you'll love your Mac when you get it...OS X is a huge difference from OS 9 and the original iMacs.

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

fudge is a no-no? you apparently have tasted the wrong stuff.

Hedwyg said...

You know, I occasionally enjoy a bit of candy, but I no longer have the sweet tooth I had when I was younger. These days, I'd rather have a second helping of vegetables or mashed potatoes, and skip dessert. Does this mean I'm old?

Happy Friday!