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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Flash Site Proposal

Flash Site Proposal – revised
Leah Chang | Morning IMCP | Thursday, September 14, 2006
Music artist: Leah Chang, pianist

This site needs to be bright and engaging, without being brash or brassy! In terms of site style, I am so in love with the city and with the desert and the seacoast, so I've planned my color palette to reflect colors typically found in all those environments, with a camel sandy brown dominating.

Color palette

Although I worked out a palette with Pantone process colors in Illustrator, I'm planning to begin with the background to my flash slide show, which already includes the tertiary colors I've suggested! But here's my original palette, nonetheless:

• Camel tan
• Turquoise blue or equal amounts of light blue (periwinkle?) and pale green
• Golden yellow
• Accents: Coral; lavender or light plum


Only one lonely, sans-serif--to be determined.

Proposed pages

1. Front Page: Flash shapes pieces with motion or shape tweens fading to about 60% opacity to form page background; navigation; suntreeriver logo I made in Illustrator during first module silhouetted on the background.

2. Biography/contact: education, interests, performance experience, links to my design site and to my main blogs; I'm planning to draw a cityscape in Illustrator to silhouette on the background of this page.

3. Current Repertoire: pieces I've performed during the past few years and that are performance-ready. I may add a page with historical repertoire, which (of course) I can rework to performance level. On this page I plan to have a beach or nautical or marine or seashore scene silhouetted on the background.

4. Sound Clips

5. Potentially available CD's, hopefully including playlists. The CD titles reflect my theology, with three of them from my blogs, though Preservation Project is a very recent addition to my blog repertoire and it's mostly about urban brownfield development, neighborhood revitalization and storefront improvement rather than about other specifically theological concerns. On this page I'll probably silhouette my suntreeriver logo again.

Advance legwork

I own the domain names,, and However, at this time the only server space I have is from IMCP, though I'm planning to put this site on and after graduation to develop I may decide to make a personal site, linking from there to my other sites and blogs. As a writer and theologian, my theology and testimony blogs, hosted on Blogger, are important parts of my résumé, but especially as I've been returning to my softer, more creative side since returning to school last January, I'd love to develop a comprehensive place where I could journal, draw and reflect. I've posted some of my IMCP work and some of my old freehand graphics on my testimony blog, and – of course – eventually I expect to have a professional site as a designer.


I hope the sound person from one of my churches will be able to make a professional recording. For sound clips I'm planning excerpts from pieces by Schubert, Debussy, Prokofiev, J. S. Bach, Chopin and two or three 2oth century Americans, possibly Lukas Foss, Vittorio Giannini and Paul Nordoff, plus three or four arrangements of contemporary Christian songs—I especially like "You Are my All in All" and "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High."

Here are some sample CD titles and subtitles; most likely I'll design the actual covers in Photoshop with my page design as point of departure.

CD Samples

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