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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Word Salad

Today's Topic

Word Salad?! Maybe I'm running of blog ideas? Fat chance! However, this'll go on my testimony site rather than with my more formal theology on desert spirit's fire.

Pondering Word of Life, Bread of Life, Eschatological Feast (manna, milk, honey, wine, figs, lamb, goat, sheep, Lamb, et al.) gets me thinking about the colors, varieties, mixes and textures filling each of our lives--not only culinary events, but every aspect of each day: sound, sight, smell, tactility. But what about my expression "culinary events"? Does the local fast food emporium serve up anything qualifying either as true cuisine or viable event? Or, for another stretch, both event (measurable in time and space) and cuisine (intentionally imagined and passionately created) in a single portion?! In the Church we recognize glossolalia as one of the more demonstratively eschatological Pentecostal gifts of the Spirit, but word salad's not quite the same as glossolalia; the phrase Word Salad also has some currency in the computer world. From a clinical standpoint, word a search and find out for yourself!

As my Boston friend Nick (there's a pic of Nick's back steps and part of his garden on my blogger profile) would insist, this topic is both a stretch and a shrink, but I'm going with it anyway. Oh, by the way, Nick is a PK and the brother-in-law of a preacher, and despite the fact he doesn't read theology or even spend much apparent time reading the bible, he doesn't often miss Sunday worship and he's astute in matters of the Spirit. times my theology seems far more earthbound than heaven-bound, but I'll assure you that's the Reformation influence! To continue briefly with Word Salad:

Word of Life

Jesus is the Living Word, the Word made human flesh that lives, breathes, walks, teaches and talks! Some of us even get to preach what we trust and pray will become a Word of Life. Word of life has to be something that accompanies our every breath, thought and step; it must be something that generates living! Word Salad points to the variety of interventions and the variety of venues in which the Word of Life acts.

Bread of Life

That's not only Johannine, the idea goes way back to the Hebrew scriptures and probably further back than that into prehistoric times. Close to a million times I've written about Israel receiving manna from heaven in the Exodus Desert.

Eschatological Feast

To conclude, check out my blog for Earth Day 2006.

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